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Music Credits

Tiffanie has collaborated with numerous acclaimed artists and musical directors, including:

1. Tonex (Out the Box Live DVD recording 2003)

2. Nicki Minaj's (Femme Fatale Tour with Britney Spears 2011)

3. Janelle Monae (BET Awards 2016)

4. Nisan Stewart (VH1 Hip Hop Honors house band singer, 2017)

5. Father John Misty (Pure Comedy - background vocals, 2017)

6. Tiffanie Cross (“Simple Love” single release 2018)

7. Beyonce (Coachella Performance, Homecoming, 2018)

8. H.E.R. (performance, background vocals, BET Awards, 2019)

9. Kirk Franklin (performance, background vocalsBET Awards, 2019)

10. Netflix's "Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey" (David E. Talbert, 2019)

11. Kanye West (Coachella, 2019 - 2021; member of Sunday Service choir for 3 years)

12. Tiffanie Cross (“My Side of Town” single release 2020)

13. Robin Thicke (background vocals for album "On Earth, and in Heaven," 2020)

14. Tiffanie Cross (“AFFIRM” EP 2021)

15. Yolanda Adams (performance, background vocals, Grammy Tribute Show, 2021)

16. Gabriels (Angels and Queens, 2023 - background vocals)

17. Elton John & Stevie Wonder (background vocals, 2021)

18. Lil Baby & Kirk Franklin (BET Awards, 2021)

19. Jackson Browne (2021 U.S. Tour with James Taylor)

20. Tiffanie Cross (“Straight2Me” single release 2022)

21. Tiffanie Cross (“Lifetime Guaranteed” single release 2023)

22. Jarmone ("Number 1" background vocals 2024)

23. Sy Smith (WDYCC, Live Video Recording, 2024 background vocals)

24. Mya Harrison (Touring background vocals 2023-present)

So who is Tiffanie Cross?

San Diego native Tiffanie Cross, known professionally as MsCross, embarked on her musical journey at a tender age, cultivating her singing talents within various choirs during her formative years. At 16, she seized her inaugural professional opportunity, gracing the stage of the Civic Center for Tonex's esteemed live DVD recording "Out The Box" in 2003.

Equipped with a Bachelor's Degree in English and Communications from the University of San Diego, Tiffanie relocated to Los Angeles in 2011, driven by an unwavering ambition to carve her path in the music industry. Alongside collaborating with established artists, she distinguishes herself as a versatile creator, both producing and penning her compositions.


Her inaugural single and accompanying music video, "Simple Love," unveiled in February 2018, marked the inception of her solo endeavors. Despite enduring the profound loss of her mother to breast cancer in July 2018, Tiffanie remained resolute in her musical pursuit. Channeling her grief into artistry, she unveiled "My Side of Town" in 2020, honoring her promise to her late mother to persist in her musical odyssey. This commitment culminated in the release of her debut EP "A F F I R M" in January 2021, featuring the soul-stirring anthem "S I N G.” 


In the subsequent years, Tiffanie's musical evolution continued unabated. In 2022, she unveiled "Straight2ME," a testament to her artistic growth and vision. Building on this momentum, 2023

witnessed the release of her latest single, "Lifetime Guaranteed," showcasing her unwavering dedication to her craft and her distinctive ability to resonate with audiences on a profound


With a resolute dedication to authenticity and a profound desire to inspire, Tiffanie Cross embarks on her mission to empower others through her music. As her journey unfolds, Tiffanie's steadfast commitment to her craft ensures that her impact on the musical landscape is just beginning. Her next single “BUMBUM” is set to release March 20, 2024.

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