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Jumpstart your Awakening to Self-Discovery & Awareness

Jumpstart your Awakening to Self-Discovery & Awareness


This isn't just another workbook. This is your chance to dig deep and take control of your life. During our time together, I encourage you to be honest with yourself and where you stand on your life journey. Real, lasting progress can only be made when we are transparent with ourselves.


The prompts you will find inside are designed to get you thinking inward, not outward. When we look outside of ourselves for change, we give away our power. The power of introspection, however, allows us to see that our behaviors and habits are products of our values and choices, not our environment or circumstances.


Living a fulfilled and purposeful life is the difference between simply surviving or thriving. Use this workbook to dive deep into the parts of yourself that require structure, integrity, and discipline. You will get out of this process what you put in, so give yourself a fair shot at being the best version of yourself.


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