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Stream of Consciousness Meditation to Calm Overthinking and Anxiety

Good morning this is going to be a different Morning Talk w/Tiff. Normally I have a planned topic, I research and I really strive to put together the most thoughtful way of presenting a new concept, idea, or way of thinking that I think will benefit not only myself, but others. So today, I decided to share thoughts that organically came to me during a meditative walk that I have transcribed and will read to you. I’m hoping that, during this meditative walk, I can share with you what I typically do in the mornings with my own private time of meditation; which is try to clear my mind of negative thoughts and anxiety driving experiences. I often do this through stream of consciousness writing in a journal, but today I decided to walk and talk through my meditation.

There’s so many thoughts, emotions, ideas, and plans we keep in our minds and we mull over them constantly all day long. And when you’re a person that doesn’t like to not be complacent, and want to reach your full potential, whatever that may be, you can sometimes find yourself in an ever state of frustration at trying to overcome hurdle after hurdle. But I want to offer you some encouragement when you’re experiencing these hurdles, not to look at them as a negative but to look at it as a positive in the sense that, if you asked for personal growth, if you asked to be shown what your true highest self looks like, and how you can most readily attain that, then these challenges, hurdles, conflicts, the rubbing together of circumstances, miss-understandings, trials, tribulations, etc, are proof that God, the universe, spirit, whatever you connect to, is listening, and not only are they listening, but they provide opportunities for you to do exactly what it is that you asked for.

Now I know it can be sobering and in some cases, humbling. But the most important part is that you realize that you aren’t complacent, you aren’t stagnant, you are pushing towards and forward to fulfillment. You’re moving into a space that’s designed especially just for you, and the beauty in that makes all of the, tribulations, trials, conflicts all of that worth it. Because in the end, if you truly are looking to learn from these experiences, they will be just that, opportunities for you to learn more; not only about yourself, but how you interact, how you respond, and how you show up; all of these things are important to your overall growth. Sometimes it's easy to get lost in all of these thoughts and it can be overwhelming. But if you make time, at least once a day, and really give yourself time to clear your thoughts, you will see a noticeable difference in your mood, disposition, and ability to think clearly. For some people, quiet meditation is the one of the best ways to achieve this. Meditation can look different for everyone. Whether meditation for you is sitting quietly, or sitting with harmonic sounds, playing a sport, exercising, dancing, writing, point is, there’s many different ways for you to mediate; because we're all unique, and one thing never works for all.

But I will say, that sometimes, taking a moment to just be still can reveal and open up our minds to clarity or thought so much more than if we occupy out time trying to avoid being idle. There are so many messages that can come through, moments of clarity that can happen when you take the time to go inward. It’s not always easy and it doesn’t always feel good, but I promise you the end result, if you stick to the reason why you asked for these experiences of growth; which is to reach your highest self, all of it is necessary. My prayer and hope is that you find peace even in the midst of your trials, tribulations, and hardships. The you find the silver lining, the reason for it all. And that through finding peace even in those difficult moments, you’ll be able to relish in the times that are good, using the lessons learned through those moments of difficulty to make a better decision next time. I hope this has been helpful to someone, and if it has, know that you’re not alone. Have a great day!

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